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“Each time you remember the Truth of who you are,

you bring more Light into the world …" Unknown

United in the infinite power of Love and Light,

we as a global community, can co-create Heaven on Earth.


The choice is always yours …

© Being Love and Light. All Rights Reserved.

Love and Light binds the Universe. It was created with so much Love, so much pure energy that it exploded into Light. The Source of this energy is the Creator of all things.


Everything in our world and beyond what the physical eye can see above, below and within is a reflection of Love and Light. We are unique and magnificent physical beings created from these two unifying fields. As a collective, we are connected by this Universal Truth. In essence, We Are All One.


By allowing our heart and soul to re-align with these energies, we can transform and balance our inner world. Releasing dense energies, which only serve to constrict, creates space for growth and transformation within self and external experiences in every moment.


Connection to Beings of Love and Light is through our heart space. By opening this door and allowing them to enter, we can expand this powerful centre to heal and transmute our mind, body and soul into something more refined than it was before - spiritual alchemy.


We have entered a powerful heart-centred evolution in human consciousness. This shift begins within each one of us by taking personal responsibility for restoring balance in our own spiritual and physical lives. Throughout this ascension process, we are offered limitless support and guidance from these Omni-dimensional Beings of Love and Light.   



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