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I always felt there must be more to life than what I was currently experiencing. Attending a few interesting spiritual courses, workshops and reading incredible books didn't quite quench my thirst, neither did academic study or a career in the corporate world.


As more of my gifts began to manifest, I struggled with making sense of my inner world. This seemed to intensify external experiences which were, at times, deeply painful and overwhelming for a sensitive working in London.


During meditation, I was strongly guided to work with angels. I didn’t know this at the time, but it became very clear, with unmistakable synchronicity. I was drawn, without question, to study and immerse myself in angelic mystery schools of Lemuria and Atlantis for many years. Re-connecting to these Divine Light Beings changed my life, relationships and experiences of my inner and outer worlds in the most profound ways. Later, I learned this powerful and deeply humbling part of my journey laid firm foundations yet, it was only the beginning.


Crystal clear guidance led me to Transference Healing® where I experienced the unique and direct frequencies through two 'absentee' healing sessions that were truly beyond words. My entire being was nourished and ignited on multiple levels which, until that point, had only ever been felt during deep meditative states.


Since becoming a certified Transference Healing Practitioner and Teacher, my journey has taken quantum leaps into self-mastery, embodiment, consciousness expansion and spiritual empowerment which continuously evolves.


My passion and soul mission is to encourage and empower people to remember the truth of who they really are, anchor more Love and Light into this earthly plane, honour our Sacred Mother Earth, aid planetary Ascension and beyond ...


As we release and clear old rigid structures, emotions, limitation, thought forms,

genetic distortions, paradigms, we relax into trusting our heart intelligence, inner guidance and evolve into new ways of being.


Infinite Love & Light

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