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1:1 Transference Healing® 

Both 'Absentee' and 'In Person' Transference Healing® sessions include:

  • 50 - 60 minutes 7th dimensional alchemical & lightbody frequency-healing

  • 20 - 30 minutes reading of what came through for you (via phone with absentee)

  • 15ml bottle Lightbody Essence to support your healing


Allow 90 minutes for your transformative healing experience. Once payment has been received, we can arrange a mutually agreeable time for your healing.

Transference Healing® does not diagnose a condition by analysing the symptoms

of dis-ease. It looks deep within the etheric patterning of the body and is read with psychic perception.


By tapping into these inner dimensions of your body and consciousness, insight is gained into your healing and ascension journey. Universal resources are channelled to facilitate a divinely orchestrated healing to support your own enlightenment process.


Without physical contact, natural healing frequencies are channelled into your body while intuitively identifying the underlying cause of any imbalances, applying specific Transference Healing® procedures relevant to your needs.  


An intuitive ‘reading’ will be given to you at the end of each session, supported by divination tools within the procedures.


As Transference Healing® is a frequency-healing modality, there is no need for physical contact during the session. As such, absentee or ‘distant’ healing sessions are equally effective from the comfort of your sacred space in any location worldwide.


It is suitable for the support of all ages, conditions or needs relating to healing, personal growth, self-mastery and spiritual empowerment.


At this time of great change, it is recommended you have a full Advanced Level Transference Healing® session every six weeks until you are mastering more in all aspects of life, from health to the dynamics of your personal reality. For those who

are struggling with their health, wellbeing or ascension process, weekly or fortnightly healings are recommended until balance is achieved, after which you can return to healings every six weeks, or as you feel guided.


Bathe in a profound and unique healing experience that supports your ascension process, spiritual growth, optimises your health, well-being and empowers your life.






In Person


1:1 Transference Healing® session


Exchange:  £122.00





1:1 Transference Healing® session


Exchange:  £122.00


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